All Serious Carpentry work are handled by a professional carpenter, and obviously the same tech will be able to handle all other handyman tasks on your list. Make sure to mention the specific carpentry work when you are booking this job so we can send the right professional to do your project. Here is a list of the most common carpentry work that we do:

  • Replace dry rot wood
  • Build fences and wood gates
  • Install wood flooring and laminates
  • Install wood doors
  • Repair wood windows
  • Build Arbors and pergolas
  • Shave wood doors catching
  • Frame new walls
  • Reframe structural elements that are failing
  • Repair wood elements of furniture
  • Assemble IKEA, Pottery Barn Furniture
  • Installation of Crown Moldings, Baseboards and Trims

and much more…


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